SIP trunks

The connection of SIP trunks to the Gemini platform TELEflash can generally occur in two ways:

The indirect connection goes trusted instances such as a SBC or a SIP proxy. A connection can be made via public Internet or a VPN connection with IPv4 or IPv6. In all variants, we also support telephone systems with extension to extension (DDI) and that both single-and outgoing. A fallback routing in case the trunk or their Internet connection should fail, is also easily possible. All communication on the trunk can also be protected via TLS / S-RTP encryption.

Classic SIP trunk

Existing today in the market SIP trunk as a static variant derivatives or registration in accordance with RFC 3261 (for connecting eg Asterisk, Community, Swyx, ...)

MS Lync® Trunk

Microsoft-specific expression of the SIP trunk without registration (static)

SIP Connect 1.1 (future)

Static variant or registration in accordance with RFC 6140 (for connecting eg Swyx, Siemens, ...)