Carrier Interconnection

In order to use the Services or the TELEflash Platform to communicate with their participants, it is possible to have access via interconnection (IC) based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect over IPv4 or IPv6. A conversion between PSTN and NGN is redundant. Thus, the quality and performance of all telco features stays maintained and there are no additional costs for conversion and operation of media gateway.
Currently the following services over the NGN Interconnection interface possible:

Interconnection for carriers without their own network

Thus, the accessibility of your subscriber numbers is guaranteed (with your porting code), we provide the feed of conversations to your phone numbers on our infrastructure. This course also includes the interconnection with Telekom Germany GmbH With this connection, the outgoing termination in almost every telecommunication network in the world is of course possible.
Emergency calls, including the legally prescribed routing to the individual PSAPs and calls to "Harmonised services of social value" (116) are enabled.
Through the connection with us, you get the benefits of a faster and more cost-effective realization (investment savings). The running costs for the operation of Interconnection connections are reduced, without compromising on quality. details, please contact our Manager Carrier.