Virtual Hosting Carrier (VCH)

Virtual hosting with the product carrier (VCH) You are an independent carrier. Here you can reap the benefits of our NGN platform without their own technology to build and to operate. This will include the following features are available:

NGN platform

The comprehensive range of TELEflash GmbH is a redundant, distributed and multi-tenant NGN platform allows to maintain their high scalability and reliability, data security and service reliability. For the NGN communications based on SIP, we use our IMS-compliant Gemini platform. This platform is running distributed at several locations in Germany. At the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf core sites, we have in addition a direct NGN Interconnection with Telekom Germany GmbH For increased reliability of our sites are of course interconnected redundant.
The international communications traffic is handled by means of NGN connections to various global telecommunications carriers.
Our optional TLS encryption for call signaling and S-RTP encryption of the conversation itself, also meet the higher demands of your customers regarding privacy. Besides the "normal" audio telephony, we also offer video telephony (3G-video, video conferencing, video mailbox). Fax, SMS and MMS services round off the offerings.
In order to remain at the forefront of the technology movement that TELEflash is one of the first carriers in the NGN, offering its services with IPv6 natively.